Conceiving the Dream

The “Dream” for EDOU was born out of my real-life experiences. Growing up in a poverty-stricken home where access to basic necessities of life was difficult, I knew the realities of poverty. Orphaned at 10 and brought up by my peasant grandmother and step grandfather, I nearly dropped out of school when my grandparents could no longer afford the cost of my education. Along this difficult journey, however, I met Good Samaritans who held my hand up. Thanks to their support through school, I became the first graduate in my village in 2007!

My journey of grace had made me understand everyone needs a hand extended to them so they could realise their dreams. I wanted to do something that would make a real difference in the lives of people. I conceived a Dream. It was a joyful burden God had put on my heart – joyful because the thought of transforming lives of people was pleasant to the mind yet a burden because I didn’t know how it would turn into a life-transforming reality. “Lord, how possible can I do this when I am not any better?” I petitioned. God told me to use what I had. A pen and paper I had. So, like Habakkuk, I wrote down my Dream.

Since inception on December 1, 2009, EDOU has been growing in her charity cause mobilizing and committing resources in areas of practical need. It’s been challenging but exciting. We have provided access to education to they who otherwise had no hope to attain an education. We have built a home for homeless orphans. We have provided access to clean and safe water to schools and communities. We have trained and built capacity of youth and youth networks to accelerate impact. We have been leaders in shaping narrative on gender equality and women’s rights, bringing to national and international attention girls and women’s rights issues in Uganda that would otherwise be ignored. We have had high impact empowerment programs. It’s 10 years of transforming lives!

Brian Mutebi

Our Vision: Transforming lives

Strategic Objectives

  1. Provide access to education to vulnerable and at-risk young people mainly girls
  2. Improve the health and wellbeing of adolescents and the youth
  3. Skilling and building capacity of the youth for socio-economic development
  4. Empower and advocate for the rights of girls and women
  5. Networking and building partnerships

Our Core Values

Love | Innovation | Dignity | Integrity | Accountability.

About Brian Mutebi