Brian Mutebi is the Founder and Executive Director of Education
& Development Opportunity – Uganda and the architect of the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund for survivors of Gender Based Violence, teenage mums and HIV/AIDS orphans. Mutebi sold his land worth $1,500 to start the Fund. 30 young people have since benefited from the Fund in secondary schools and university. For this work, Mutebi was named Commonwealth Young Achiever (2015) by the Commonwealth Youth Council UK and featured (2017) on Uganda’s “Top 40 Men Under 40.”

Mutebi is an award-winning gender and women’s rights campaigner and recipient of the 2017 Gender Justice Youth Award in Africa. He is a member of Girls Not Brides Global Partnership and Girls Not Brides Uganda National Partnership, a network of over 80 civil society organisations working to end child marriages in Uganda, and features on
the Women Deliver global list of “15 journalists, 15 voices for girls and women.”

Mutebi is a co-founder and Director Advocacy at Girls Flourish, a non-profit organization focused on identifying, recognizing and celebrating communities, organizations, brands, programs and individuals that have not only transformed yesterday’s girl child into today’s great woman but also those who are tirelessly working towards ensuring that today’s girl child becomes tomorrow’s woman of influence.

Mutebi has made tremendous contribution to national, continental and global processes on girls, youth and women’s rights and advocacy. He is a Fellow at the AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative (YPII) that developed the AU-EU Youth Agenda that was adopted by the AU-EU Heads of State and Government in November 2017. At YPII, Mutebi is credited for developing the AU-EU Rural Education Action Program (REAP) concept to support girls’ education in remote and hard-to-reach areas of Africa and Europe. Mutebi is on the Working Group of the Youth Budget Advocacy Alliance, a nationwide alliance of over 30 youth-led and service organisations in Uganda. In 2018, Mutebi was named
on Africa Youth Awards’ prestigious list of “100 Most Influential Young Africans” for his extensive writing and advocacy on gender equality and women’s rights.

Mutebi is a communications consultant at Pen Concepts, a media and communications company he founded in 2014. Previously, he was Project Administrator at A Rocha Uganda, a national organisation for A Rocha International where he played key role in designing and implementing the organisation’s community mobilization and
environmental education projects. Mutebi was the Uganda country coordinator and writer for the “East Africa’s Big Men” project that examined masculinity and its effect on gender and development and used multimedia platforms to tell stories of men defying gender stereotypes and advancing women empowerment in East Africa. He was Features Writer at The Daily Monitor and volunteer with the Makerere University Gender Mainstreaming Programme.

Mutebi has 12 years of hands-on experience in the media, advocacy and development communications, gender responsive programming, women’s rights and empowerment.