The Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund gives education scholarships to socially excluded and stigmatized girls: At-risk, survivors of gender-based violence, teenage mums and HIV/AIDS orphans. In Uganda, one in four girls 15-19 years of age is either pregnant or had a baby. Only one in 10 is able to return to school after giving birth but, in a country with 40% child marriages rate, married off where they face a higher risk of domestic violence. The Fund benefited 30 in primary and secondary schools and at university. The scholarships cover tuition, scholastic materials and a stipend. The scholarships bestow upon them a garment of praise instead of spirit of despair. While successful scholarships schemes in Africa and indeed around the world are founded by wealthy individuals, the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund was started by an ordinary 26-year Ugandan, Brian Mutebi, who had but a dream. Convinced that education is key to transforming lives and the lack of which undermines would be successful lives, Brian sold his land worth $1,500 and started the Fund.